Teaching for Mastery Development Programme

In 2019/20, all Maths Hubs will be running primary mathematics Teaching for Mastery Work Groups led by Mastery Specialists. This programme is for schools who have a commitment to developing a teaching for mastery approach. Although the participation involves two teachers attending events outside of the school, it is expected that these two teachers lead development across the whole school. Schools who have done the Mastery Readiness Programme move on to this programme automatically although it is not a requirement to have done the Mastery Readiness Programme. The Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub have over 70 schools involved in this programme in the academic year 2019/20. Application for this programme is now closed. For further information about applying for the following year (2020/21) please e-mail Fiona McCrudden-Bruce (fmccruddenbruce@ourladyofpity.co.uk).