Early Years

Building Firm Mathematical Foundations in Reception

This Work Group is aimed at schools who are currently developing mastery across their school. The project aim is to help teachers develop research informed practice in Early Years and build firm foundations for all children by the end of Reception year. Practitioners and senior leaders will develop their understanding as to how Early Years best practice feeds into a teaching for mastery approach and supports progression through the school.

Work Group participants will consider how to build clear progression in mathematical concepts and how to make these accessible to young children. Attention will be given to appropriate pedagogy, in particular the nature of direct teaching within an Early Years context. It aims to support schools (EYFS teachers and school leadership teams) in providing a consistent message about high quality maths provision in the Early Years and how this provision supports progression into the next phase of learning.

Refining Early Years Mathematical Pedagogy Through Subject Knowledge Development

This Work Group is aimed at Early Years teachers who have already engaged with the Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub through one of our previous projects – ‘Developing Mathematical Fluency in EYFS’. This programme aims to develop teachers’ pedagogical subject knowledge about number patterns and structures leading to more precise provision for, and tracking of, pupils’ learning.

Based upon the recent guidance released by the Education Endowment Foundation, this programme will help schools “invest in developing practitioners’ own understanding of mathematics, their understanding of how children typically learn, and how this relates to effective pedagogy.”

Improving Mathematics in the Early Years & Key Stage 1 – Guidance Report