Our Secondary school projects range from very specific Work Groups that are focused upon particular issues (such as mathematical thinking) to our much broader Teaching for Mastery programmes that involve schools moving through three phases – mastery development, embedding and sustaining.

For further reading about our approach to Teaching for Mastery with Secondary schools, please see this NCETM document – secondary-teaching-for-mastery-march-2021

NOW RECRUITING (for September 2021) - Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups

Secondary maths teachers whose schools want to introduce and embed teaching for mastery can nominate two teachers (Mastery Advocates) to join a Work Group. You will be part of a locally based group of teachers who meet regularly to develop professional knowledge and expertise, as well as receiving bespoke support. The Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub are currently looking for up to 14 secondary schools who are interested in starting this programme in September 2021.

In a Teaching for Mastery Work Group you will:

  • collaborate with colleagues from other local schools to share best practice
  • get individual school support and guidance from a local leader of maths education (LLME)
  • take away ideas to help your students become more confident mathematicians, ready to tackle GCSEs and A levels
  • introduce and embed teaching for mastery in your classroom and department

The fully funded programme enables you and another teacher from your school to become ‘Mastery Advocates’. Initially you will be part of a Development Work Group for a year and this involves recieving in-school support from a Mastery Specialist. Beyond this, you will continue to work with your local Maths Hub and take part in an Embedding Work Group the following year.

This opportunity is suitable for all maths teachers, from NQTs to Heads of Department. It requires the support of your headteacher.

NOW RECRUITING (for September 2021) - Developing Mathematical Thinking Programme

The stated aims of the KS4 Programme of Study are that, through working on the content, students should develop mathematical fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving. While mathematical thinking is a key feature of all of these, the focus of this Work Group is to support teachers in developing their understanding of mathematical thinking as it relates to problem-solving and reasoning, using practical task types to explore what it means for students to get better at mathematical thinking and what this looks like in the classroom.

The expectation is that each school sends two participants, who attend approximately 5 half-day workshops. However, some of these may be online webinars and the exact timings for sessions is negotiated with the participants, based on what works best for everyone involved.

NOW RECRUITING (for September 2021) - Year 7 to 11 Coherence

This project focuses on participant teachers working together to ‘unpick’ (i.e. analyse, deconstruct and trace through the curriculum) a challenging topic, developing insight into the associated difficulties and misconceptions to support teaching in the short term but also considering the implications for longer term curriculum design.

This programme is suitable for any secondary school maths teacher who would like to know more about how tricky topics can be better taught from the beginning of KS3, through to the end of KS4.

The expectation is that participants attend approximately 5 half-day workshops across the academic year. However, some of these may be online webinars and the exact timings for sessions is negotiated with the participants, based on what works best for everyone involved.

NOW RECRUITING (for September 2021) - Subject Knowledge for Early Career Teachers

This project aims to offer high quality maths support for Early Career teachers (teachers in their first two years of teaching), recognising the requirements of the Early Career Framework and the impact of Covid on their ITT experience.

The aim of this programme is to help these new teachers work deeply on one area of maths, drawing in the associated pedagogy, and will include lesson analysis and lesson design.

The specific content and design of this programme will be developed alongside the participants. However, the expectation is that they will be able to attend at least five half-day workshops.

NOW RECRUITING (for September 2021) - Subject Knowledge for Secondary non-specialist Teachers

For the first time, in 2021/22, Maths Hubs have the opportunity to provide a programme for secondary non-specialist teachers of mathematics that had previously been realised by the TSST programme.

The programme will support non-specialist teachers in developing specialist knowledge for teaching maths, thus enabling them to understand, teach and support pupils in the maths classroom.