Opportunities for Local Leaders of Maths Education (LLME) with Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub

Opportunities for Local Leaders of Maths Education (LLME) with Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub

Now in our fifth year as a Maths Hub, we are pleased to be collaborating with an ever-increasing number of schools. As it stands, we have currently worked with around 78% of all schools across Cheshire, Wirral, and Halton.


Of the 322 schools we are working with this academic year, 25 of these have never worked with us before and the remaining 297 have maintained sustained engagement with us over previous years. We are proud of this and want to thank all of the Local Leaders of Maths Education’ (LLME) who have made this happen!


It is important to us that our work with schools is sustained over time so that we can maintain close relationships and help ensure that we have a lasting impact. In addition to this, we also want to help develop math leadership capacity in all areas and we welcome interest from those who think they have something to offer in helping to lead professional development through the Maths Hub.


Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub are pleased to inform you that recruitment for our five NCETM professional development programmes has now opened. 



Teachers are invited to apply to be a Mastery Specialist in the primary, secondary or further education phases. 


Those who lead professional development beyond their own setting can also apply to be a Professional Development Lead or a School Development Lead. 


Recruitment for all programmes will close on Friday 31st March 2023, and teachers are encouraged to contact us before applying.

Emma Lynch and Louise Ash run our Operational Team and are based at Our Lady of Pity. Please get in touch with them at mathshub@ourladyofpity.co.uk for further details and information.